Top five most underrated kitchen utensils

No 5 - Grill scissors

This is normally an outdoor grill tool and mine was also bought with this purpose in mind. However, the scissors are excellent for handling any hot item in the indoor kitchen as well. I am mainly using ours in connection with peeling skin of tomatoes.


No 4 - Wooden spatula

Sometimes I need to cut or mosh something in a pot on the stove. Lifting the item slightly with the wooden spatula allows a quick cut or moshing with the other hand. The spatula is also great creating air below a bread that needs to cool of.


No 3 - Mini-blender

Our mini-blender in action several times a week. This is excellent for cutting all kinds of small things like a single onion, almonds, or basil for a pesto. Be sure to get one with only three parts that need cleaning (blow, lid, and knife).


No 2 - Ceramic plates cleaning tool

Ahh, so you thought this is only for cleaning the stove? Well, I've found at least three other uses for this. First, I have a frying pan that I'm using for things that may stick and burn to it, e.g. almond-coconut muesli or spanish fries. This frying pan needs a rough cleaning every now and then. Second, my pizza stone is often a bit dirty with burned cheese and olive oil. Third, it is also great for cleaning the oven after it has been soaked in soap. And then finally, I also occasionally use it for cleaning the stove. ;-)


No 1 - Scissors

This is my all time favorite number one. Scissors are excellent for cutting a lot of other things than herbs and paper. First, thin slices of bacon are really annoying to cut with a knife as they often won't cut through properly. Instead, I cut the bacon with a pair of scissors. Also, scissors can come in handy if you discover the lettuce in the salad is not cut all over.

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