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Are you using Adobe Lightroom?

The new FREE plugin Mykeyworder for Lr can SIGNIFICANTLY speed up your keywording process.

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Most frequently changed Locus settings

As you know, Locus can be used for various purposes and activities. As such it must be usually re-set. Choose settings that you change the most often during your everyday use of Locus.

One setting per row!!

Shift map screen center
Top panel hiding
Bottom panel hiding
Right panel hiding
Speed auto-zoom
increase map resolution
map shading
GPS on/off timing
map themes
change map source
out of route notification
avoid highways. avoid tolls
map overlays
Follow GPS (bottom left button), Map orientation.
Map rotation
Display auto on/off
Display always on
Change Track-direction on the fly.
contents of the right panel features
Rotate GUI by sensor, not Android auto-rotate
show view or line view gps, record profile
record profile
navigation voice

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