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How to Gain Influence by Taking Initiative in Day-to-Day Situations
Become more assertive and influential
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5 Techniques for Forming, Changing, and Breaking Habits
Being mentally strong is not enough!
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Why the old text editor 'Emacs' is still in my toolbox
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What Should the ALL IN Eats Tagline Say?

The ALL IN Eats Circular Food Economy in Alameda County is about regenerative farms, local food businesses, recovered food, food as medicine clinics, food delivery, and more!

So what do you think?... can you help us choose a tagline?

Put a checkmark in all the options you like and/or add your own!
Good Food By The People
Delivering A Good Food Economy
Real Food For The People
By the People. For the People.
Local Food By the People, For the People
Transforming Our Local Food Economy
Growing A Good Food Economy
Everyone Eats, Everyone Thrives
So much more than just eats.
Grown Food By the People, For the People
preferring options that reflect it is not a grassroots or neighbor effort exclusively and show the systems approach
Just Food By the People, For the People
Eats for ALL

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