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Are you using Adobe Lightroom?

The new FREE plugin Mykeyworder for Lr can SIGNIFICANTLY speed up your keywording process.

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How to Gain Influence by Taking Initiative in Day-to-Day Situations
Become more assertive and influential
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5 Techniques for Forming, Changing, and Breaking Habits
Being mentally strong is not enough!
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Why the old text editor 'Emacs' is still in my toolbox
First version is from 1985 — software rarely survives that long!
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Which Teeworlds Mod do you wish?

I want to do a community survey for my next modding project. But you will decide what I will do next! There is no point to do my own Ideas, when people won't play them.

Feel free to add your own answers!
Man vs Machine - Waves of robots who want to plant a bomb
Zombie Escape
Party Mode - A lot of mini games
Gravitee - Teeworlds in Space, multiple gravity settings
Quest - RPG like Teeworlds, a lot of kontent, less grinding!!!
Battle Royale

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