Spelling trainer

This little tool can help to improve your child's/friend's/spouse's spelling skills - works for any language as you provide the input.

Spelling trainer is "donation-ware".
Please consider to donate if it has improved your trainee's spelling capabilities!
NB: I will start developing an app once the donated amount reaches 2000$. Backers will get a app-discount.

Amount:  $

How it works

  1. Find a text containing words you want to train on.
  2. Paste the text into the box below and set the other fields as you wish.
  3. Hit generate - the tool will produce a printable PDF with the words sorted according to difficulty.
  4. Print the PDF and start a session with the trainee - instructions are on the PDF, but it basically works as follows. You read a word with medium difficulty. In case it is spelled wrong, choose an easier one above. Stay at the same level if the trainee spells correctly, but have to think about it. Increase the difficulty if it was too easy.

Try it out

Copy-Paste in text to train spelling on, e.g., from a website or a book.
It is not stored on the server.

A two-player game

Spelling trainer can also be turned into a two player game, e.g., for your two children.

  1. You (as a parent / game master) create a word list for each of the two players.
  2. Each player gets the other players word list.
  3. Take turns to read aloud a word the other should spell.
  4. The player receives two points for each correctly spelled word. In case the player does not spell the word right, the reader receives one minus point. This is to ensure that both players read hard, but not too hard words to the opponent.