Easy organization and work load sharing for recurring events

SpinDuty helps you to easily organize recurring events with a varying group of people.
Some examples:
  • Whos turn is it to bring the cake for the next club evening?
  • Who drives the kids football team to the Saturday match and whos turn is it to wash the shirts afterwards?
SpinDuty handles each scheduled event by inviting participants to sign up for tasks to ensure even work load over time.
In case someone is unavailable, the next participant is automatically invited to sign up for the task.

How it works once the recurring event is set up

  1. SpinDuty starts the task assignment of the event a few days ahead. How many days is user controlled.
  2. For each task, the first mail is sent to the person with the fewest points. This ensures a fair work load over time.
  3. In case the person is unable to perform the task, SpinDuty asks the person with the second-fewest points (and so on).
  4. The participants receive a point for accepting a task. Hence, he or she is less likely to be asked at the next event.
Thus, people contribute to the event by performing the tasks needed to make the event happen. SpinDuty takes care of the time-consuming organization of the event by automatically asking the participants if they can perform a task to help the event be a success. Each person gets a point for performing the task and the person with the fewest points is asked first.

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