Pandemic Prepping

Ebook project to prepare for the next time

I guess we were more or less all caught a by surprise by the recent development and global lock-down. Nevertheless, I think my main personal surprise was how poorly prepared my family and I were. One thing have I realized though. We have been extremely lucky with COVID19 as it "only" has a case fatality rate of about 2-3%! We will be facing another pandemic and next time it may be 10x more lethal than COVID19...

I must admit that March 2020 has changed my view on so-called preppers and I have started to implement some of the simpler routines. I have decided to capture my thinking and prepping notes in a new e-book, which for the time being is free as it has not really taking "book-shape" yet. You may also be interested in The Pandemic Prepper's Shopping List, which is my up-to-date list of essential items for getting safely through this and the next pandemic.

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