Practicing Advanced Composition

Practicing Advanced Composition is 238 pages packed with more than 50 composition techniques grouped in 15 chapters. The book is organized in three parts.

  1. Guidance techniques - how to lead the eye and make your subject stand out.
  2. Artistic techniques - how to capture visually pleasing compositions.
  3. Storytelling techniques - how to sharpen your visual story and strengthen your message.

Look at the Table of Contents, index, and sample pages:

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Why should you buy the book?

I'm a dedicated hobby photographer on a mission to help fellow (hobby) photographers improve their composition skills. This book differs from most other books on two accounts. First, I am blatantly honest about my own skill level and most pictures are therefore accompanied by information summarizing the compositional techniques I deliberately used and how I could have improved the photo. Second, most texts and videos on visual storytelling are pretty vague and it typically gives the impression that it is solely up to the photographer's artistic magic. I disagree with this and in Practicing Advanced Composition, I give a structured treatment of how to use composition to enhance your visual story.